piątek, 5 września 2014

  I left to my hobby for a while, because I had to move my origin country for few months and I just didn't take all my stuff that is needed to creating... But it is few things I have never posted yet and I want to share them with you. Enjoy :)

 Little treasure's box made special for my little sister (10yo). This sweet thing was a gift I gave her after came back home :D

Colourful makrama brancelets:

Well, I must admit that my family have got shoes manufacture in my country. So I got access to some natural leathers. And this is what has happened after I picked one in this lovely yellow-green colour and shiny black:

 - my dog became trendy,

- an old, synthetic watch strap have been replaced with new one, the one that looks more attractive,

Is that everything...? Hmm, oh no, I would forget... i renovated my room at home! Yes, me own. Me woman! 


Hannah, shy friend of me

As you all can see, this is my favorite colour at the moment.

Hopefully you liked it. If yes, please share, comment or else.

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